David Heti

David Heti


David Heti has been called “nihilistic and death-dark” (The Comedy Network) and “outlandishly harsh and thought-provoking” (Exclaim). He has degrees in Philosophy and Law and has worked in the bioethics department of a children’s hospital. In 2015 his album “It was okay” was picked up by Stand Up! Records and now most of his stuff is in New York.

David has performed at JFL42, Hell Yes Fest (New Orleans), the Dark Comedy Festival (Toronto) and Halifax Pop Explosion. Kind of a bit of a hobo, David tours all over Canada and the U.S. telling jokes.

All session by David Heti

Set phasers to FUN!

Game Night


8:30 pm
Riverview Community Centre

Todd Glass and Friends

6:30 pm
The Park Theatre

Oh No They Didnt’!

12:00 am
The Park Theatre